How your site can be seen (and heard, loud and clear) online

How your site can be seen (and heard, loud and clear) online

If we were to teach a basic anatomy lesson on the perfect makeup of a website that is designed to attract and engage visitors – plus, improve visibility – this is how we would painstakingly dissect it (in a non-particular scientific method).


Written content that’s original and well done, like this blog, for instance, is the most powerful magnet for visitors. Keep your blog posts consistent, your topics relevant and your length short and sweet on all pages. And that doesn’t mean just stuffing it with keywords for SEO success. An added attention-grabber is a sleek, streamlined design structure that’s easy on the eyes.

Less Clicks

Did you know that more than 83 percent of web surfers will hop off a web page if they feel they have to make too many clicks to find what they’re looking for? Cringe. You need to give visitors some direction, but not in the wrong direction off your home page. How? Via clear navigation tabs, as well as clean headline copy, a strong CTA and sticky headers that let folks know about your brand: who you are, what you do and what you’d like them to do while they’re visiting – from contacting you, watching a video, connecting with you on social media or purchasing your products.

Be Social

Nowadays, your average visitor is always on the hunt for something to share on social media, so make your killer content easy to do so on Twitter or Facebook by including social connect buttons on your site. There’s nothing worse than giving visitors something to talk about, but no way to do it. Empower them! Make sure the buttons are at the top of your homepage next to your search bar, as well as at the bottom of each blog post for easy composing. Easier social sharing leads to more site visibility, more site traffic, better search engine rankings and more lead generation conversion. Oh my!

Responsive Layout

Your website may boast a pretty design for the public’s laptop-viewing pleasure, but that doesn’t cut it anymore. Your site also needs to be a responsive sight, optimized for mobile devices. In fact, as of 2015, Google penalizes those who aren’t and strengthens the ranking signal for those that are. They mean business for improving the world’s mobile web browsing experience!

Need for Speed

Web users need your website to load within 3 seconds. If it doesn’t, studies show that 40 percent of people will abandon your site. Not a fan of those numbers? Imagine all of the lost traffic to your site if you can’t keep up. Let’s face it, attention spans are shrinking and impatience is at an all-time high (people normally blame your site, not their mobile service providers). Slow load times will leave visitors with a bad first impression – and perception – of your brand. They’ve already moved onto your competition.

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