The Customer is Always Right. So What Are They Saying About Your Customer Service?

The Customer is Always Right. So What Are They Saying About Your Customer Service?

What good is your product and your hefty investment in a fancy marketing campaign if it’s not all delivered with the kind of kindly service that will keep your customers eternally loyal? That will woo them to a monogamous relationship? Because, after all, customer service is to hospitality as honey is to a bee. It’s the first point of contact upon check-in. And that’s the quality that should be quantified. Here are our reasons why – and how we can help solidify your reputation in customer service:

Meet Customer Expectations.

In the hospitality industry (especially), customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, right? It’s the oil that keeps that mega machine running. Happy guests mean many happy returns – especially when you’re talking about families who will return to recreate those magical vacation memories year after year. And, nowadays those guests can easily leave a review on your feedback site or any of the popular travel sites, which could either make or break your online reputation. Remember, it costs a lot more money to acquire customers than to retain them. It pays to maintain quality customer service; a Consumer Affairs website, in fact, reports that people with a positive experience will most likely share that with two or three others, while those with a bad customer service experience will share it with 10 to 20 people.

Build Trust.

Trust is at the heart of any relationship, especially in a business relationship, when your customer has precious money vested (along with their emotional expectations). Which is why, if your customers spend thousands of dollars per visit and have a question or issue during their stay, they expect you to resolve the problem. In turn, they will uphold their trust in you. A real understanding and passion for your customers’ needs through kind words and voice, rather than defensive apathy, goes a long way in building that trusting foundation. Customers want to know that you’re there for them, to listen to them and talk them through the situation together, or they’ll go tell someone else who cares – and never come back.

Offer Solutions.

The science of customer service, essentially, is offering solutions. A positive resolution for your customer’s issue is the result of a series of discussions to work out a solution that works best for that customer’s complete satisfaction. And, in the hospitality industry, it’s not as easy as replacing a malfunctioning product to fix things. This is truly a matter of salvaging their intangible experience – of saving a vacation they’ve saved for and waited for, for months and months of paychecks. Your solution is a buzzer-beater.

Confirm Convenience.

In tandem with quality service comes the speed of said service. The convenience factor needs to tag along with service as a power couple, which leads to complete customer satisfaction. Face it, today’s guests have very little patience for slow service. And the hospitality industry thrives on convenience. It’s what your customers are paying you for: the convenience of posh accommodations, and a slew of amenities and events, away from the comforts of home. To be at your guests’ beck and call means you realize they are your first priority, as they should be. If not, competition out there is fierce, which means another resort will gladly pick up your slack.

Make Your Brand Stand Out.

Stellar customer service gives you an edge over the hordes of competition scrambling to fill rooms (like you) and show a profit. The other resorts may boast similar rates and that same priceless, oceanfront location, but staff that delivers a reputation of unbeatable customer service will give you that added advantage you need to pull ahead of the pack.

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